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The bottle spun a surprising 14 times before coming to a slow. .

. .landing on Castiel.

You were going to lock lips with the school's 'bad-boy'? Castiel was very well known to have a bit of a temper, as well as a certain reputation of being a hot-headed rebel. Of course you weren't complaining, in fact, just the opposite! Just the mere thought of kissing him caused a whole sensation of fluttering butterflies in your stomach.

Iris let a giggle pass her lips with a knowing grin, causing your face to flush. "Go already!", she poked your arm and you looked over to where he was, mentally preparing yourself.

Castiel was smirking as he stared back at you, his body leaning against the basement wall. Smokey grey eyes locked with yours, an exciting flirty gleam to them, making the tingle sensation come back. It was obvious he wasn't just going to go over to you, he was waiting. Figures. Sighing softly you began your small journey to his side of the room, passing by all your classmates one by one, earning a mixture of curious and amused looks from each.

"'Bout time, thought you were just gonna stand there all day," he said as you finally approached him, placing your hand on your hip.

"Well it wasn't like you were just gonna come off the wall and be a gentleman all of a sudden. But you don't see me complaining, do you?" He let a chuckle escape his lips, the sound filling your ears sweetly and causing a trail of goosebumps along your arm. This wasn't exactly new to you. The two of you usually flirted lightly, but you secretly loved it probably more than he knew. A small smile spread on your lips and you could see he was inching closer, his breath beginning to tickle your face. "Sounded like one enough to me."

Your lips were less than an inch away from his, nearly touching, when all of a sudden you heard a girl mumbling to someone.

"Pssh, please. It's just gonna be like Trisha, maybe end like Katie. It doesn't mean anything."

Castiel must have heard it too, he hesitated a moment to hear what was being said. Why would it matter to him though? It wasn't like him to care what girls were gossiping about, even if it was about him.

Unless. .?

Curiosity burned in your stomach, making you pull your head back to look up at him, earning you his full and undivided attention.
"Cas' . .who's Trisha??" You've never even heard that name before but it felt important in a way. He frowned suddenly and shook his head, "Doesn't matter, they're just gossiping."

But the voices didn't stop,they continued. You turned your head to scan the room  only to see dark and shadowy figures. You couldn't make out a single soul. "Give it a month, watch. She's just another girl for his little Black Book!", the voices suddenly began to laugh and agree with what was said.

You could sense Castiel was getting annoyed and you looked back at him. "Then what's it about??"

If it was seriously nothing. .then why did he act so bothered? He arched his eyebrow, a small frown on his lips, "Trisha was just my ex-girlfriend. .that's all." You could tell there was something more, that he was hiding something.

'His little Black Book!'

It clicked..

You slowly looked down, grateful that your face was hidden from shadow. ". .And Katie. ..she was just another ex too, huh?", you asked softly, trying to disguise the hurt you were starting to feel.

He didn't reply at first as you expected, he was busy trying to read your expression, before nodding a little. "Yeah..but..."

The hot prickle of tears were starting to sting at your eyes and you tried your best to force them away.

The whole room became suddenly quiet as you felt the eyes of everyone on you. All of them were awaiting your reaction..

No, you refused to cry in front everyone, especially HIM!! You weren't going to be another name for that dumb list!

You gave a sharp turn on your heel and began to walk away. "W-wait!", his hand suddenly seized your wrist, pulling you back.  "Where're you going??"

Was he being serious?? Anger boiled within you and you yanked your arm free, making him stumble and look back at you in surprise. "And stay here so you can lure me just like the other girls from your 'book'?? Grow up, I want nothing to do with you!" You could feel everyone's eyes on you. .

You quickly dashed out of the room, leaving a shocked group of people behind you.


The pounding of your shoes against the floor finally came to a halt as you found yourself outside of the school. The sun was setting and pouring the last of what it had to offer over the cars and trees below it. You leaned against the wall for support as you caught your breath, hand clenching your chest tightly. You still couldn't believe it. . .

Your vision was getting blurry as you blinked away the tears.

. . .Weren't you worth anything to him?

A huge angry crash echoed through the school's parking lot as the doors were kicked opened, Castiel huffing as he walked out.

He turned his head in both directions. searching for something. . or someone, before his eyes suddenly caught yours, making your breath catch. What was he doing here??

"What's wrong with you?", you knew he was talking to you, there was nobody else there. But that didn't mean you wanted to talk back, instead you chose to ignore him and looked at the sky, much to his annoyance.

"Are you deaf now too? Hey-I'm talking to you."

You turned your head to the other direction. Stupid Jerk

"Hey, answer me!"

As you opened your mouth a hand suddenly came to lean on the side of your head, making Castiel less than a foot away from you. "I said I'm talking to you," he stared down at you sternly as he waited for you to answer. It took you a moment to process everything, then you scowled and began turning away to move, "I don't have anything to say to you! How could you do that to me? What you did was so messed up, I-", his other arm suddenly came moved to the other side of you now, effectively caging you in. Startled, you looked back at him and tried to urge the pink from your cheeks away.

He's never done this before, nor have you ever been exactly THIS close.

"I didn't do anything. And you think I'm the one who's messed up?", he scoffed and looked straight into your eyes, "you're the one who just took off without even giving me a Chance."

"A chance? To what, explain yourself?" He shook his head, narrowing his eyes at you.

"A chance with you", his head inched closer and you could see the serious yet pleading look in his eyes. Something you weren't accustomed to seeing. "I won't lie to you, yeah-Katie and that other girl..I've dated them. It didn't work out between either one of them though, it just didn't feel..'right." He was speaking with a deep yet soft tone.

"But when you and I started hanging out. .it felt different. And. .one day I didn't see you as just a friend anymore", he paused and struggled for the right words to say, his eyes narrowing and making him look away briefly with embarrassment.

You were wrong and judged him too soon. He did care about you..if only you didn't pay mind to those girls.

The feeling of regret and relief hit you hard at once and you could feel your eyes start to water. You looked down and tried your best to hold back, only to feel a hand gently guide your chin upwards. His unexpected tender and concerned expression took your breath away. Slowly his face inched closer and closer to yours-leaving you just enough room for you to make up your mind.

A soft smile spread on your lips as you finally closed the gap and pressed your lips against his. You could feel him smile against your mouth as his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling both your bodies closer. He kissed you passionately as your arms wrapped around his neck, fingers playing with his hair. Your lips parted and he corresponded by allowing his tongue to explore your mouth, tickling the sides with flicks of his tongue. He brought his hand behind your head and pressed yours closer to his, before a cough was was heard.

You both pulled your head back instantly, much to his disappointment and looked to the side. Nathaniel was standing just a few feet from you at the door, adjusting his tie and looking the other direction. "If you're not here to study. .I suggest you get a move on before the principal comes to drive home." Castiel was about to say something when you tugged his sleeve, effectively making him look back at you and sigh, before nodding. Nathaniel left and you felt Cas's warm hand reach for yours, making you smile as you both walked down the steps.

"Soo..uh..Are we going out then?", you asked with a blush, eyes glancing towards him. He rolled his eyes as a playful smile spread across his lips. "Yeah, got a problem with it?"
Castiel! <3 This one is my 2nd favorite guy to write! I think the Twins will be next though, ;)

Lemme know what you think!

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A My Candy Love fanfic. Just what I've been looking for!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6]  My favorite guy in the game is Castiel. I really enjoyed reading this. 
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Castiel is my fav!
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Yes. It is called 'Hetalia Syndrome' it js very com,on in pasta lovers... :3
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That should be an episode!!!!
But by  Lov'o meter with him. . . . .  . . . . .  . . .  . . forget it.
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XD Im on like 83% with him! I wuvs him.
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Castiel for me is the exact opposite solid score of 100. Lysander has a 95, Nathaniel a 50, but poor Ken only has a 10.
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.....Ken is in the negatives for me xD
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LOL, I swear, I couldn't even bring myself into being a jerk to him. Ended up dating him ._.; Even though he comes back looking hot, his attitude changes into semi-castiel xD
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castielllllk, is so hottt. i need to get an episode replay because a while ago i got a negative number l'o'm with him and 4 episodes later I haven't been able to fix it.
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I think so too!! Though Lysander is still my favorite *drools*

^^; as for Lov'o meter, everyone I'm even slightly interested in hates me Dx
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i know it's the same thing for me. i'm getting Nat to warm back up again and Lysander (just met him last episode)is doing pretty good,but Castiel,solid as a rock,not budging at all, he's flirting with me, but he flirts with everybody. But ken,omg why did i not decide to be a bitch to him. l'o'm with him is a perfect 100 ;--;
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No, be very happy. Look up Kentin my candy love episode 14.
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